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Modesto IT has successfully worked with those with and those without IT staff. In clients with IT staff, Modesto IT works directly with the IT staff to make their job easier and to provide support. We act as your product research department, your backup staff during vacations/sickness, and provide support during any crisis.
With smaller clients without a dedicated technology staff, we provide all of the services that staff would provide. Modesto IT has the services you need: designing your network, installing your PCs, or sitting on your Advisory Board.
Our role is to assist you in moving your business forward. Business technology is little more than a tool; if it’s not right for the task, it’s worthless. Make your technology work for you instead of you constantly working on your technology.
Technology is only the foundation of a corporate infrastructure. As the world develops and grows into a technologically advanced time, information systems attempt to grow with it. Growing at such a fast pace can be very costly and damaging to the company itself.
By analyzing the company needs and growth expectations, the engineers at Modesto IT can design a plan to assist IS departments with their growth needs. From Fiber enabled Networks to Wide
Area Networks, Modesto IT can support your IS Team in its quest for technological growth.
Imagine the peace of mind of having a trusted partner, a single source with the proven ability to design, deliver and manage all your data networking requirements.
Modesto IT can customize a wide range of technology solutions from an initial network assessment to fully supported maintenance options. Each can be designed to your specific business requirements. Our consultants will collaborate with you and/or your IT team to build a scalable network to protect your network investment as your business grows.
With extensive experience in assessing, planning, designing, integrating and maintaining networks, Modesto IT can design, deliver and manage any phase of an end-to-end network implementation.

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